But for the number of Whitefish at that depth, the number caught are extremely low. MANITOBA WHITEFISH LAKES: North Steeprock Lake in the Porcupine Hills is absolutely loaded with Lake Whitefish. They also become a bit slower in their feeding. As with most whitefish fishing, the bite is best early in the morning, tapering rapidly as the sun rises in the sky. When the lake freezes over, they’ll happily take you ice fishing instead. Whitefish like to feed along the bottom of the drop-off near the shore where a nice shelf forms. I am open to fishing in Whitefish and surrounding areas, won't have a boat, so just want a nice spot to cast from and maybe catch a few decent sized trout. "What’s amazing is that you can grab the same gear that you were using for ice fishing," says Girard, whose instructional Justin Girard Fishing YouTube channel is a smash hit with anglers, "put it in the boat and go catch whiteys. I've pondered that myself for many years. Catching whitefish is all about timing. Please, Catching Whitefish in VERY deep water in the summer, <>< I once gave up fishing. That's perfectly fine for my friends and I as we have the place all to ourselves and the fishing is great. Have you also considered that the bottom of the cone for the fishfinder may be severely distorted due to how wide the cone is at that depth? Only sometimes in early summer will you find them in shallow, offshore areas. As a fly fisherman you surely should understand that anywhere that zero limits have been placed or rivers like the bow where majority practice catch and release that the fish stocks improve dramatically both in size and volume in a short period of years. If the fish are going, a limit of whites will be on the ice within the hour. “When they’re not actively feeding,” he adds, “they’ll go out and suspend in 10 to 15 feet off the bottom around the structures.” when I was young a few Master Anglers in my town used to gather at a local tackle shop and talk fishing ..I was there when ever I could to learn.. they still do all across Canada, Western Canadian Walleye Trail 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Sponsor. All content © copyright Ontario Shore Fishing. Hey, While on vacation recently we were lucky enough to witness the MNRF pulling up their fish netting surveys in a Muskoka lake. Drill holes over four to 10 feet of water and plan to be fishing as the light hits the horizon. At the end of your main line, simply crimp on the splitshot or use a granny knot to tie on the nail. Whatever the time of year, Corey Nault Fishing has something ready for you to do. Water was 120 feet +- deep. Whitefish are cold water fish; they tend to stay low when the temperature drops. A simple and effective way to catch Lake Whitefish is a blood worm fly/hook with a float. Ditto for whitefish, which are notorious bottom-feeders that suck up mud and detritus to filter out insect larvae. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! It was the most terrifying weekend of my life. This will give you the perfect outfit for detecting the bite, and then fighting the fish. When you get a bite, gently reel in the line as you pull up on the rod. The mountain whitefish is endemic to the lakes and streams of the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada, from the Lahontan basin in Nevada north to the southern border of the Yukon Territory. They are excellent eating and are subject to generous limits, making them a popular and appealing catch. With many fisheries producing monster whitefish that exceed 25 inches! No need for the name calling. Why would you keep a world record fish instead of taking a couple pics measuring it and setting it free? When you feel it, set the hook. The longest single movement of a tagged whitefish ever recorded was 388 km (241 mi), from Fort McMurray to the north shore of Lake Athabasca in Alberta, Canada. I'm far from being an expert, but I think targeting the humps should be productive if you can time it properly. Hi Rob .. nice ethics you have.. you do realize that every step you take on grass I can hear the grass screaming as you crush their life out of them and their blood is on the bottom of your shoe's (green).. and do you every count the number of organism you kill with every breath.. What's up Rob, why the attack on Spec? Yes I have fished Kootenay Lake an caught both Bulls and Rainbows.. it is being seeded to help the Kokanee which are the feed for the big Gerrards, Alberta Sportsman Fishing and Hunting Forum, Alberta Sportsman and Outdoors Fishing or Hunting Discussion, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_whitefish, Quote from: RobMcLeod82 on July 12, 2013, 10:10:38 PM, Quote from: RobMcLeod82 on July 13, 2013, 11:50:08 AM, Quote from: Sonny on July 12, 2013, 11:46:34 PM, Quote from: RobMcLeod82 on July 13, 2013, 08:28:41 PM, SimplePortal 2.3.6 © 2008-2014, SimplePortal. Yet still you refuse to answer my question have you ever caught a bone fish? Diet. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Chances are if you are going over a very deep spot in the lake and you pick up fish, it is probably Lake Whitefish. Report inappropriate content . Maybe you don't get around the province much but we have hardly any water in it and what is there only receives more and more pressure every year. Get on the lake at dark. Lake Whitefish Lake Whitefish are olive-green to blue on the back, with silvery sides. Question one; Have you ever been bone fishing? They can be caught in the shallows in early summer, but as you get later into the season they will school up in depths around 50 feet deep. You are not logged in or registered. Of course that particular lake could just be a bowl with no humps of any kind in which case I'd just wait for fall when they should be nice and shallow. Turn right and follow for 2km until you arrive at the park. Those are some nice whites speckles....bravo to you sir.. David you never answered my first question. Another method without using a float is to … Is time of the day critical for catching whites in the summer? I have seen the depth finder markings of "something" fishy at that level for years in the summer. Some were very good size. What do you suppose would happen to the fishing in our province if everybody with a license did the same as you and kept everything they legally could? They also can be easily caught … You can catch Whitefish on the surface in the spring with small spinners, 1/16 oz jigs, tiny Rapalas or putting a May Fly or Waxworm on a hook and a small float and just cast off the dock. Walleye; Lake Whitefish; Northern Pike; Perch; Burbot . In the summer, they can be seen on the shoal on the lake side of a weed bed (as opposed to the shore-side) and use the bottom edge of the drop-off to congregate where there is an inflow, bringing a steady supply of nutrients to support their prey and of course the prey themselves . The reason I'm asking is that I think that Whitefish are an underutilized resource and perhaps if we could target them during the summer we could take some pressure off other species as well as get a better balanced fish population. Login with username, password and session length, Lake Whitefish on a Fly is fun fun fun!!!.. I say that because during the winter months this lake is a whitefish hot spot but in the summer months it is hard to fine another angler targeting the whitefish. The season for Whitefish is open all year, the sport limit is 12 and conservation limit is 6. If he only catches his limit he has done nothing wrong. Mountain whitefish take the bait with several quick, sharp, but light bites. Then, cast your bait, and let your line go deep since perch like to feed off the ground. I visited last year and didn't have much luck in getting options from people I spoke with. Sorry I don't ice fish or hunt rabbits, but I did stay at a Holliday in express last night. Whitefish has very soft mouth and is fairly shy. Whitefish Lake State Park is a Montana state park located two miles west of the town of Whitefish, Montana off U.S. Highway 93. Whitefish Lake from Mapcarta, the free map. Once the fish move to the flats, which can be large areas, a little bit of hunting is required. This means that you have to offer the bait to the fish in a slightly different manner. Head south on 7th Street (Hwy 873) for 20 minutes until you see the signs for Kinbrook Island Provincial Park. Try to keep the hook close (within a foot or two) to the lake bottom and as horizontal as possible to better mimic a blood worm. Whitefish Lake is a lake in Alberta and has an elevation of 573 metres. Turn your sonar onto manual, and add in the upper and lower depths of the water (search on Google to find the depths if they aren't listed at your location). This is a perfect time for Fly-Fishing for Whitefish with your fly-rod. The lake covers an area of 80 square kilometers with a maximum depth of eight meters or 26 feet. There is no stopping them, especially when the day is so action-packed. To detect a bite, keep your finger on the line, and stay alert for the distinctive tap, tap, tap. Strong whitefish. I have never known anyone or in my own experience compared fresh water fish to salt water for there fighting ability because no comparison can be made. Beaches. Whitefish will move to the deep in the summer and can be suspended or lay right on the bottom. Catching Whitefish in VERY deep water in the summer . They will come out from their deeper waters to feed, which presents a great opportunity to target them. 120' is very tough but find a 60' hump and things get much easier. it parallels Bone fishing.. the Whites runs are Epic and some will throw in a jump .. exhilarating to say the least, Hi Glove .. time of day is when they are feeding of course but I find that at day light is better even in the winter .. although you can get into them any time as you will see them feeding all day .. They have a small mouth below a rounded snout, and a deeply forked tail. People who downrigger for Lake Trout in Simcoe do pick up Whitefish here and there. Next, find a spot with deep water and overhanging trees or man-made objects that block sunlight, as these are the places where perch like to hang out. Note that most whitefish anglers keep their catch and that Michigan has no size limit and that the Great Lakes creel limit is 25, so releasing a fish that swallowed the hook usually isn’t consideration. Water temps should be about the same between 60' and 120' (very cold) but the shallower humps is where they'd go to feed...or so I think. So, try to use 6 lb or even 4 lb monofilament fishing line or Power Pro fishing line that has equivalent diameter. Ontario whitefish specialist, Justin Girard, says that as good as the hard water action is across Ontario, it is even better in the summer. Not in the least, as long as you keep a few certain rules in mind. It occurs inland into Alberta in Canada and Wyoming in the United States. Popular with anglers looking for Whitefish (Lake) fishing charters in Alberta. Lake whitefish are known to be quite actively feeding at night, which makes night time one of the best times to catch them. Being a cold water fish, the whities need to hole-up in deeper, cooler water at this time of the season. 101 Reviews . The Brook Trout is 13 years old(oldest recorded) and the Pike was 25 Yrs old David Donald Canadian Fisheries Bio. Turn left just after the Brooks & District Museum and Tourist Information centre on Southerland Drive. The fight pretty well. The consistent bite is in the early morning and this seems to hold true from lake to lake. Use a flexible rod, typically a light action 6 and a half to 7 foot spinning rod with either 4 or 6 pound test. Similar pattern in Simcoe...although not quite as deep, but still the same challenge. Providing an intuitive, user-friendly guide to sport fishing in Alberta, users are able to search for lakes by name, or via proximity search; view catch limits, species reference, interactive directions, real-time weather, boat launch locations, depth charts, points of interest, tips & tricks, and more! You should look for a medium power spinning rod, medium capacity spinning reel and 6 to 10 lb test mono line. F&W only seem to acknowledge a problem after the damage is done. Thanks for the alternate ideas fellas............. will try versions of comments my next time up there. Best Time to Catch Whitefish. Have you tried using just the heads? The lake has a wide range of species to catch. Catching Your Whitefish 1 Use your fish sonar to help locate the whitefish. Westhawk and Falcon lakes have abundant populations as does the entire Winnipeg River system, especially the Nutimik Lake section. In northwestern Canada, a large spawning migration enters the Athabasca Delta in late summer, moving upstream in the Athabasca River. ><>, http://muskiebaitadventures.blogspot.ca/...-list.html, http://fishncanada.com/episode-426-getting_it_in_gear/, Best Day on the Water that I did not catch a Fish, Posession limits and fishing different bodies of water, Government Helps Eli on his Whitefish hunt. City Beach. Hard to catch? I have caught whites at all times of the day, but the best fishing has always been at first light. Those records are all impressive I will admit But I cant help but notice a couple things. I have caught them in the morning and afternoon this year there... we were out last night and didn't get any hook-ups but they took the indicator under 7 times on my buddy and twice on me and were rising around us .. but to be truth full it was a very windy night. The best time to target whitefish is at first light, when they’re up on the structures and easier to find, Whyte says. Top Attractions (34) See all. Many people underestimate these sport fish which are very fun to catch. Summer Whitefish The dog days of summer are here and it is time to change strategies for whitefish. iFish Alberta is an app every fisherman in Alberta needs, allowing you to Fish with Attitude. Show the same rig (but with a slightly larger 21/4-inch Wabler) to a mud-sucking whitefish and it will storm up 20 feet from the bottom to devour your bait and rip the rod from your hand. Martin suggests angler should pre-tie a bunch of hooks on leaders and wrap them on a swim noodle before heading out to the pier. Generally, the whitefish will be everywhere there are large populations of May Flies hatching on the surface. Fish may look to be at the edge of the screen but may in reality be 50 ft over? What Kind of Fish are in Gull Lake? Exit on Cassils Road when you see the Flying J gas station. Where to catch Mountain Whitefish. As a trash sorry I mean whitefish afficianado I would think you would have known they were above average. Amazingly their quite short gill net had many whitefish. Their general body colour is a bronze-white or greenish white. Firstly in regards to my heritage, I am First gen Canadian of Scottish decent not Irish, and unlike most of you that are of some mixed mud race I know exactly where my family hales from. Have you tried varying the size of the minnows? Nice catch. The town has a small, friendly population and is more active in the summer months. Mountain Whitefish Mountain Whitefish have large scales, no spots and small mouths with no teeth. To catch perch, start by getting some live bait, such as minnows and insect larva. The park is a convenient place to camp for those wanting to stay close to the amenities of Whitefish, although it can be very crowded in summer. Whitefish are an abundant species on numerous lakes throughout Manitoba and are commonly caught during open and hard water months. Have you caught whites in other lakes during the summer as well or just Talbot? Speckal55 The Ron Burgundy mustache is #@$!ing Sweet buy the way!! This is far and away the simplest and easiest method to go from looking at fish to catching them. I have fished quite a few places around the globe, majority of my holidays are fishing trips. The Ron Burgundy mustache is # @ $! ing Sweet buy the way!!... Measuring it and setting it free come out from their deeper waters to feed which... Whitefish have large scales, no spots and small mouths with no teeth you pull up on the.! Have large scales, no spots and small mouths with no teeth not. Suspended or lay right on the bottom of the day is so action-packed 25 inches there... To target them this is a perfect time for Fly-Fishing for Whitefish ( Lake fishing. Will give you the perfect outfit for detecting the bite, keep your finger on the,... Seems to hold true from Lake to Lake as deep, but I think targeting the humps be!: North Steeprock Lake in Alberta Athabasca River, no spots and small mouths no! The horizon a bone fish as we have the place all to ourselves and fishing. Answered my first question abundant species on numerous lakes throughout Manitoba and are subject to generous,! Taking a couple things and is more active in the Athabasca Delta in late summer, <
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